2018 MADCC Children’s Registration




The Children’s registration fee for the 2018 Salt Lake City Convention is $175.00.

No souvenirs are included in the Registration Fee. Registrations will be processed beginning October 15, 2017. Every person attending the MADC convention must be a paid in full member by January 2018. Registrations are non-transferable.
A $50.00 cancellation fee may be charged for registrants requesting a cancellation prior to May 1, 2018. After May 1, 2018, no part of the registration will be refunded.

Breakout event registrations will only be accepted by regular mail. We cannot accept telephone requests or registrations by email. This is due in part because of increased restrictions around credit card acceptances, which require a signature. Please refrain from calling or emailing your event registration requests as it delays the registration process for everyone.

Children must be accompanied by an adult MADC member at all breakout events & are not eligible for purchase of event dolls or centerpiece doll drawings. In order to receive a souvenir and related items from an event, YOU must be present at the event.